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My life was hard before I came to Artistic Noise. But now I really feel I have a sense of where I’m going. I feel like my life is coming together. I’m most proud of my first real art gallery exhibition at NYU. It was cool because my grandparents were there to see my work and I also sold all of my pieces. A lot of my mentors were there to support me, it felt like a big family with a lot of positive energy. Being in Artistic Noise I have learned that it’s ok to ask for help and that not everybody’s out to get me. Artistic Noise can help you change your life if you are willing to put in the effort.
— Bishop, Youth Artist
Artistic Noise taught me how to express myself in a non-violent way. Artistic Noise gave me an outlet in which I was able to express myself freely. Artistic Noise is my home away from home, we are a family unit. This ‘family unit’ has watched me grow from a wild teenager into a respectable young woman. My ‘family’ has given me tools that have made me stronger and wiser.
— Ebony, Studio Manager, Former Participant Artistic Noise NY
As a 15 year old entering Spectrum I had no idea what to expect. It was a long 6 months away from home, everyday wondering when I was able to come home. Tuesdays when Minotte came with the art supplies were the only days I looked forward to. I always loved art but never saw myself as an artist. Minotte brought out my full potential and always pushed me to work at the best of my ability. I’m 21 years old now. A lot has changed. I’m no longer the “crazy girl who gets in trouble”. I work three jobs, I’ve accomplished so many things and couldn’t be more proud that I proved everyone who ever doubted me wrong. I no longer strive off the adrenaline of breaking the law but instead am so open to achieving all my goals and seeing what life has in store. Artistic Noise has given me the opportunity of responsibility, welcoming me with open arms. I couldn’t be any more thankful for my Artistic Noise family and all the progress that not only I have made, but that We have made.
— Shana, Youth Artist
Artistic Noise gave me a voice I never had. When I turned 18 DYS (Department of Youth Services) kicked me out with no knowledge of the real world and Artistic Noise took me in. I think to myself where would I be without Artistic Noise, maybe dead or in jail. If I never got the chance to join, learn and grow I would be going back to a place I never wanted to be. But now when I go back as a mentor to teach, it feels good for the girls to know I was there and I turned my life around and they can do the same with their lives.
— Minotte Romulus - Assistant Director, Co-Founder, Former Participant
Artistic Noise is amazing. Our residents who cannot or will not even sit down and attend a group or school will voluntarily participate in Artistic Noise and sit down and express themselves through art.
— Edward Figueroa, Social Worker at The Bronx Residential Center