Our youth artists are passionate, creative young people full of potential.

Reflective of the statistics for youth involved in the juvenile justice system, over 95% of Artistic Noise participants are Black or Latinx. They are 13 - 21 years old. In New York, they hail from all five boroughs of New York City, Long Island and communities north of the city. In Boston, our participants come from communities all over Eastern Massachusetts. They come from communities that have been historically neglected by society.

You might have noticed throughout our website that we don’t show their faces in photographs.

That's because we know our society can be unkind to people with a history of incarceration. The majority of the young people we work with will have their records sealed. We want to ensure working with Artistic Noise won't interfere with access to future opportunities.

Note: some of our staff are former participants. As adults they’re ready to fully participate in the public sphere and have made the choice to be pictured.